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Trash Collection and Recycling

Trash Collection and Recycling North Whitehall Township does not hold a contract for garbage collection.

All residents are required to have a contract for garbage collection, as required by Township Ordinance 2008-01.

Current information on licensed trash haulers in the Township can be obtained by calling the Township office.

FREE recycling labels are available at the Township office for your own purchased recycle container.

Yard Waste Facility

The Township Yard Waste Facility is located at the rear of the Municipal Building at 3256 Levans Road.

The Yard Waste Facility is open the following hours beginning October 1, 2021

Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday,Friday and Saturday 9am - 3pm


Please note that as of October 1, 2021 grass clippings will not be accepted.

Only residents of North Whitehall Township with yard waste permit cards are permitted to use the facility. Commercial operators, even if they are bringing materials from a Township property are not permitted to use the facility. Leaves, trimmings and small diameter branches are permitted. No large diameter branches, stumps, rock or earth are permitted.

To apply for a yard waste permit card, please fill out the application (here) and turn into the Township office.

Items accepted for recycling are: leaves; weeds; hedge clippings; garden plants. ONLY yard and garden waste. Christmas trees are taken from December 26 through January 31 (no tinsel, garland on trees or metal wreath frames).

Please check for open hours since there are specific hours for different times of the year.

  • NO grass clippings.
  • NO railroad or landscaping ties.
  • NO pressure-treated wood.
  • NO ground, NO metal, NO stumps, NO garbage.
  • NO concrete or blacktop, NO construction debris, NO pallets, and NO rocks or stones.

  • NO commercial yard waste drop off.

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