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Zoning Hearing Board

North Whitehall Township The Zoning Hearing Board is made up of Township residents who help interpret the Township Zoning Ordinances. There are currently three regular Board members and one alternate member. The Zoning Hearing Board meets once a month if an application for Zoning relief has been submitted. The Board works in conjunction with the appointed Zoning Officer and the Zoning Solicitor to adjudicate cases. The ZHB is a quasi-judicial board and decisions made by the ZHB can be appealed to Common Pleas Court.

There are several types of Zoning cases that the ZHB will hear and deliberate on. These include use and dimensional variances, special exceptions and zoning interpretations or appeals of enforcement notifications from the Zoning Officer. Zoning Hearings that are considered Conditional Uses are heard by the Board of Supervisors. In all cases an applicant must complete an application and submit the proper filing fees. Number of copies of applications, fees and documentation varies with the type of application. ZHB meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month when needed. Applications are due three weeks prior to a scheduled meeting date in order to meet advertising deadlines. Special Exception and Conditional Use applications also require review by the Township Planning Commission. The applicant shall submit the necessary application and documents to the planning commission with ample time for the application to be reviewed and comments made and submitted to the ZHB prior to the scheduled Zoning Hearing.

  Zoning Hearing Board
   Eugene Wolfgang    12/17
   Richard Benjamin    12/18
   Michael Basta    12/19
   Eric Neubauer (alternate)    12/17

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