Seal of North Whitehall Township


  Office Administration / Appointed Officials
      Township Manager
   Jim Campana    Part Time Zoning Officer
Email 610-799-3411
   Brenda Norder    Secretary/Treasurer
   Open Records Officer
Email 610-799-3411
   Ronald J. Heintzelman    Community Services Director
   Facilities & Recreation Director
Email 610-799-3411
   Jane Kelly    Planning Secretary
   Zoning Permit Clerk
Email 610-799-3411
   Steve Gitch
   Keystone Consulting
   Zoning & Codes Enforcement Alternate
   Sewage and Traffic Engineer
   Attorney Lisa Young    Township Solicitor
   Planning Commission Solicitor
   4442 Route 309, Suite A
   Schnecksville, PA 18078
   Attorney John Ashcraft III    Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor    20 North 5th Street
   Emmaus, PA 18049
   Scott Bieber    Sewage Enforcement Officer    6071 St. Peters Road
   Emmaus, PA 18049
   Bernard Teletovich
   Benchmark Civil
   Engineering Services
   General and Planning Engineering
   Special Project Engineering
   1727 Jonathan Street
   Allentown, PA 18104

  Building Plan Reviews & Building Inspectors
   Barry Isett & Associates    85 South, Route 100
   Allentown, PA 18106
   Keycodes Inspection Agency    1307 West Lehigh Street
   Bethlehem, PA 18018
   Lehigh Valley Inspection Service    559 Main Street, Suite 253
   Bethlehem, PA 18018

  Building Codes Board of Appeals
   Ronald Sell    12/19
   Scott Bigley    12/19
   Todd Kern    12/20
   Tim Beil    12/19
   Steve Laudenslager (alternate)    12/20

  Zoning Hearing Board
   Eugene Wolfgang    12/20
   Richard Benjamin    12/21
   Michael Basta    12/19
   Sheila Horwith (alternate)    12/21

  Planning Commission
   Dennis Klusaritz (Board Representative)      
   Jeff Johnson    12/22
   Brian Horwith    12/22
   Christopher Moughan    12/19
   Richard Semmel    12/19
   Leonard Nuss    12/20
   Bruce Stettler    12/21
   Robert Korp    12/21
   John Barto    12/20
   Rod Lowe - alternate    12/20

  Recreation Board
   Mark Hills (Board Representative)      
   Donna Kumernitsky    12/19
   Frank Kedl    12/20
   Holly Krause    12/20
   Raymond Deutsch    12/21
   Kristen Taylor    12/22
   Amy Long    12/19

  Ironton Rail-Trail Oversight Committee
   Raymond Deutsch      
   Bruce Stettler   
   Paul Mantz   
   Ron Bealer (alternate)   

  Vacancy Board
   Charles Horwith, Chairman      

  Emergency Management
   Nelson Fogle, Director      
   Donald Jacobs, Deputy Director      

  Township Fire Marshal and Assistant State Police Fire Marshal
   Donald Jacobs      
   Jim Steward, Assistant      

  Parkland Community Library Board of Directors
   Lynne Harakal, Township Representative      

  Elected Officials
   Ronald J. Heintzelman    Supervisor Email 610-799-3411
   Dennis Klusaritz    Supervisor Email 610-799-3411
   Mark Hills    Supervisor Email 610-799-3411
   Terri Blazofsky    Tax Collector    610-769-3000
   Donald Steffy    Auditor      
   Andrea Semmel-Lazarus    Auditor      
   Jeffrey Dimmich, Esq    Auditor      
   Jacob Hammond    District Justice    610-434-2070
   James Soldridge, Jr.    Constable      

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